Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, I began fishing at an early age. Targeting panfish locally, we took weekend trips north to fish the rivers and stream for resident Brook Trout. Those weekend trips for Trout quickly turned into marathon days of fishing in a 16′ rental boat on the St. Lawrence River. We would troll and cast for anything that would bite.
Most of these days were spent hauling in Pike after Pike as the river was full of them.Enamoured with the outdoors, in 1995 I completed a diploma as a Fish and Wildlife Tech at Sir Sandford Fleming College. From here I went on to guide for two seasons at Canada North Lodge near Ear Falls Ontario. At the lodge we targeted Pike, Walleye, and Lakers, plus we had a little bit of Smallmouth fishing, although I was not a bass fisherman by any means.
In 1998 I moved to Ottawa, Ontario where I had heard of these Bassmaster clubs where you could join as a non-boater, fish with different people, and learn more about Bass fishing. For a boatless angler with a growing passion for the sport, this was perfect. I quickly realized that I knew nothing about Bass fishing; but I really have to thank those guys in the club. I learned a lot and got a great foundation of knowledge to grow on. After a few years fishing in the club, I started getting the urge to fish bigger events. I entered a Bassmasters Mega-Bucks event (as an Am) and got my first taste of Pro fishing in the USA… I was hooked… I wanted to be in this environment, competing against these guys, all the time. I came home and bought a boat.
In 2002 I began fishing the largest circuit in Ontario, Chevy Bass, with an old fishing buddy, Pete Garnier. We had some minor success in those first few years, but I felt like I still had tons to learn. When the tour went from team format to Pro/Am, it was a real big change in how I approached tournaments. No longer could I rely on a teammate’s decisions. I had to figure stuff out on my on, and make key decisions on the water with no input from a partner. Every success and every failure rested squarely on my shoulders.
It was awesome.Over the years I have competing at just about every level available from club events, local and regional events right on up to the FLW Tour, I’m always looking to challenge myself to become a better angler.